LA River Proposal Recommendations Passed By City Council

January 29, 2015 - 3 minutes read

Tierra West is excited to announce the passing of our recommendations for the LA River Project by the Los Angeles city council.

The NELA Riverfront District Vision Plan comes out of the community engagement activities and celebrate the NELA riverfront neighborhoods of Atwater Village, Cypress Park, Elysian Valley, Glassell Park, and Lincoln Heights. The Vision Plan documents ideas we heard from the community to improve the NELA Riverfront area and recommendations that we feel can effectively deliver these improvements to the L.A. River and its surrounding Northeast Los Angeles riverfront neighborhoods. Download the Vision Plan

Tierra West Advisors, Inc. is pleased to announce their participation in a collaborative urban planning effort for the Northeast Los Angeles Riverfront District. Joining forces in this effort are team members from the Public and Private sector with an impressive representation from Academia, Private Industry, and Community-driven enterprises. The common goal: establish a sustainable and economically viable Riverfront District in Northeast Los Angeles (NELA).

Partnering with Tierra West will be representatives from the Los Angeles Community Development Department, University of Southern California’s Metamorphosis Project, Occidental College, Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation, and Los Angeles Conservation Corporation, among others.The diversity of the team and support for this effort is driving the project forward.

Tierra West is responsible for the completion of an economic development study and has been assigned the task of examining potential alternative financing mechanisms for the NELA District; exhausting as many viable options available. This effort involves a thorough understanding of the NELA District and includes several community out-reach meetings to assess local stakeholders’ interest in various funding models and desired outcomes.

The revitalization of the NELA Riverfront District will serve as a catalyst for improvement in the area, strengthening the surrounding neighborhood communities by providing safe public access to the local water-way, outdoor recreation, and a renewed sense of community. The Northeast Los Angeles Riverfront Collaborative is a dynamic and innovative proto-type for future developments in urban areas; promoting sustainable development of under-utilized resources while encouraging economic growth in Urban communities.Tierra West is proud to be a member of this collaborative effort and remains committed to providing support for projects that improve the quality of life, sustainable development, and economic growth.


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