Consulting and Interim Staffing
TWA’s Human Capital Management Practice is completely customizable to the needs of the client. We provide a full spectrum of HR solutions designed to improve productivity, acquire and retain talent, reduce administrative burden, and minimize risk.

We are driven by three core principles: cost, quality, and responsiveness. Whatever your need – be it a single resource or a whole team – TWA will find the best solution for your agency in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Whether filling an existing vacancy, augmenting existing teams, staffing for special projects, or meeting project deadline commitments, TWA has a strong track record of assisting its Clients to find the appropriate solution.

TWA Programs

We offer staff augmentation, team services (T&M and SOW) and direct hire models and can help you quickly ramp up your team to meet your Agency’s organizational and business objectives.

 Contract Staffing Services
 Contract to Hire Staffing Services
 Team-Based Staffing
 Onsite/Remote Staffing Services

Scalable Solutions
TWA offers scalable solutions tailored to each Client’s specific needs and designed to help the agency run more productively, cost effectively, and strategically. TWA’s work closely with its Clients to determine the approach best suited to their business objectives, while maintaining a collaborative working environment aligned with your organization’s culture.

Services Offered
TWA provides its Clients with experienced professionals for interim staffing and consulting projects in the areas of:

 City Managers and Executive Administrators
 Finance Directors
 Community Development Directors
 Economic Development Directors
 Planning Directors
 Planning, Engineering and Building Professionals
 Project Management
 Information Technology
 Community Outreach Personnel
 Procurement Specialists

Uniqueness of TWA
The importance of a well-balanced efficient team cannot be overstated. An inadequate team can complicate even routine tasks and have very time consuming consequences. What differentiates TWA apart from other firms is that we can provide external assistance in the form of staff augmentation and managed services.

For most of our Clients, there is no one all-around approach to staffing solutions. Some circumstances are best approached with staff augmentation; others with the managed services, and sometimes with a hybrid approach to best suit the needs and environment and agency objectives.

Staff Augmentation
 Provides a clear advantage to the client by avoiding the hiring of permanent staff and or providing for a risk-free trial period.
 Agency benefits include Cost Effectiveness, Flexibility, Control and Low Risk

Managed Services
 Under this model the client delegates full responsibility the implementation and completion of the project.
 Advantages include time savings, financial simplicity, and a managed infrastructure.

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