We’re proud to announce the conclusion of our Youth Plan Huntington Park (YPHP), a 5-week community initiative aimed to educate and involve local youth in the General Plan Update process.

Youth Plan Huntington Park was launched as a community initiative that educates youth to become actively engaged in the Huntington Park General Plan Update. High school youth participated in a variety of civic engagement projects that provides them with urban planning tools to shape their community.

● Education: YPHP helped educate youth on urban planning topics, and combined with their personal experiences, will help inform policy making for the general plan update.
● Leadership: YPHP fostered leadership by training students with different tools for civic participation and develop public speaking skills.
● Action: YPHP utilized new knowledge to assess problems and design solutions to community issues in Huntington Park.

At the end of the YPHP program, local youth made a presentation of their final projects to the Mayor, Council, and City Manager. Students were able to demonstrate their learned knowledge and answer questions regarding their project. The final presentations ended with a formal banquet where youth were awarded certificates by the Mayor.


A special thank you for all YPHP participants for their hard work and eagerness to help shape the future of their community!

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