Tierra West partnered with the Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA/Metrolink) and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) to perform a study of the allocation of common area maintenance (CAM) costs distributed at Los Angeles Union Station.

Metro and Metrolink wished to analyze two types of multi-use facilities to better understand industry Best Practices with regards on how to fairly allocate Common Area Maintenance costs –1) peer transportation facilities and 2) a single large non-transportation development campus.

The Tierra West team interviewed staff and stakeholders from the following transportation and commercial sites to document the Best Practice methodologies used in each case study for fairly distributing common area maintenance costs:

• Denver Union Station; Denver, Colorado
• Washington Union Station; Washington, DC
• Los Angeles International Airport; Los Angeles, California
• Kansas City Union Station; Kansas City, Missouri
• The Citadel Outlets; Commerce, California

Using lessons learned by studying these five complex case studies, and by also applying industry Best Practices, Tierra West delivered a Final Report to Metro and SCRRA in April 2018.

Now, Tierra West is excited to renew its partnership with Los Angeles Union Station to further implement cost allocation solutions for Metro and Metrolink. The new partnership will enable Tierra West to accurately forecast the net effect of our recommendations on the LAUS CAM budget line items, as specifically requested by Metrolink and MTA. Analysis will conclude by the end of 2018, and will implement some alternative common area cost solutions to Union Station’s unique multi-user environment.

(Image courtesy of Los Angeles Union Station)