Vehicle Parking District – City of Pomona

Public Agency Services, Sustainable Economic Development

Tierra West assisted the City of Pomona and Vehicle Parking District (“VPD”) in the feasibility and development of 1000 stall parking structure in an effort to keep up with the growing demand for nighttime parking as more evening venues in the Downtown area continued to open and thrive.

Over the past several years, available parking has become increasingly limited and not commensurate with the robust interest of future development in the area. Tierra West was involved in the analysis of two (2) potential projects being proposed which included the development of a multiplex theater in downtown area and the construction of a 366 unit multi-story residential commercial mixed-use project.

Our scope for this exciting collaboration consisted of developing a comprehensive analysis, including working collectively with City and VPD staff. Tierra West’s proactive approach assisted in facilitating existing goals of effectively developing and leveraging the Project Site, addressing the growing need for additional parking, while supporting the continued growth and viability of the Downtown area.