Parking Analysis – Los Angeles Department of Transportation

Public Agency Services

The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (“LADOT”) retained Tierra West to conduct a Parking Needs Study + Parking Rate Study and examine the needs of the local community surrounding Municipal Lot 731, the anticipated future site of the Reese Davidson Community Project.

Tierra West’s final deliverable – a Venice Parking Study – included analysis of:
1. Both on-street and off-street parking supply (public and private lots and structures);
2. Calculation of existing parking demand;
3. Occupancy counts impact of planned and proposed new developments;
4. Prediction of future parking needs;
5. Recommendations for mechanisms to increase parking supply where warranted;
6. Studies alternatives for relocating parking and/or offsetting parking revenue during construction of the Reese Davidson Housing Development;
7. And provides a parking rate survey of all public and private parking lots and structures as well as street parking in Venice surrounding Municipal Lot 731.

Parking data collection was gathered during peak summer months, as requested by the City. To determine existing on-street and off-street parking demand, the consultant team conducted windshield and walking surveys within the Parking Study Area to estimate the parking utilization on a block-by-block basis.

(Rendering courtesy of Venice Community Housing Corporation)