General Plan Update – City of Huntington Park

Public Agency Services, Sustainable Economic Development

Beginning in 2015, Tierra West led the effort to conduct a Focused General Plan Update for the City of Huntington Park.

As the Project Manager, Tierra West has led a multi-disciplinary effort to administrate a HUD Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD) Planning Grant to guide Huntington Park into the future with a revised blueprint for development. The City is a working class community that is estimated to be 97% Latino and home to over 80,000 residents. Residents are facing overcrowded housing conditions, Public Health Advocates address concerns over children and obesity, punctuated by economic challenges (such as over 60% of its residents earning either low or extremely low incomes) and 25% of all families living in poverty.

The City of Huntington Park sought to implement the vision of the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Planning Grant, encouraging non-automobile related travel by revising specific elements of the General Plan in a focused update. The resulting community outreach and engagement effort, “PlanHP”, was launched in order to engage the residents and stakeholders of Huntington Park.