Cannabis Administration Services

Public Agency Services, Sustainable Economic Development

Tierra West’s cannabis services range from the development of strategic plans for a full public regulatory compliant program, including regulatory ordinances and zoning studies to development of economic development and taxation options, procurement services through program implementation, contract administration and compliance, and monitoring services. For over three decades, Tierra West has provided consulting services to over 50 public agencies throughout the state of California. Tierra West’s proactive approach focuses on identifying and understanding the objectives of the client, leveraging opportunities as well as addressing the desired goals of the City.

Through collaboration with policy makers and industry subject matter experts in conjunction with industry best practices, TWA provides cradle-to-grave services to ensure a compliant, regulated and economically beneficial program.

Tierra West has developed a Cannabis Management Program with experienced industry leaders that have a proven track record of success and practical experience in this relatively new and developing field. We excel at bringing creative solutions tailored for specific community needs and take a solution-orientated approach based on best practices.

Current relevant cannabis projects include:

• City of Anaheim- Cannabis – provided ordinance and ballot implementation strategies, RFP evaluation instruments, licensing and compliance and monitoring guidance.

• City of Montebello – Cannabis – provided initial RFP evaluations of 39 responses for cannabis licensees; moving onto the next implementation level, including ongoing implementation and planning services; ordinance amendments.

• City of Lynwood – Cannabis – provided initial RFP evaluation of 25 cannabis responses for licensees; drafted development agreements, provided planning and implementation services; ordinance amendments.

• City of Adelanto – Cannabis – implemented the City ordinance for 119 cannabis responses for licensees; planning and building plan review and development; ordinance amendments.