On November 8, 2016, California voters approved the Adult Use of Marijuana Act (AUMA) – Prop 64. California is one of eight states where recreational cannabis usage is legal, including Alaska, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. Under the new State law, adults aged 21 years or older may possess and use marijuana for recreational purposes.

Businesses may sell cannabis for recreational use by acquiring a state license. The measure creates two new taxes, on cultivation and the other on retail price. Revenue from the new taxes will be spent on drug research, treatment, and enforcement, health and safety grants addressing marijuana, youth programs, and preventing environmental damage resulting from illegal cannabis production.

The US Justice Department in 2013 proclaimed that it would not target lawful marijuana businesses or cannabis use in states that legalized use of marijuana and also enacted and enforced “robust” regulations permitting marijuana industries. TWA has successfully advanced efforts assisting local urban and rural communities with the development and implementation of regulatory compliant cannabis programs bringing maximum economic benefits to the municipal body, the civic community and the business sector.

Tierra West’s services range from the development of strategic plans for a full public regulatory compliant program, including regulatory ordinances and zoning studies to development of economic development and taxation options, procurement services through program implementation and compliance inspections.

• Legislative Support
• Legislative Representation
• State and Federal Legal Interpretation and Compliance
• Government Affairs Strategies

• Strategic Plan Development
o Public presentations
• Regulatory Ordinance Design and Development
• Regulatory Permit Development
o Ordinance and Permit Compliance Inspections
• Land Use Zoning Analysis and Recommendations
o Zoning Ordinances
o General Plan Amendments
 Condition Compliance Reviews

o Regulatory compliance

• MCRSA Compliance

• Economic Development
o Development of taxation options to promote maximization of public agency revenue enhancement opportunities
• Financial Audits
• Revenue Projections
• Financial Modeling
• Banking Solutions for application and taxation payments

• Procurement Services
o Request for Proposal Document Development
o Request for Qualification Document Development

• Application Processing
o Due Diligence Review
 Financial and Property Analysis
 Building Inspection
 Plan and Compliance Inspections
o Financial Feasibility Analysis
o Background Checks
o Recommendations

Program Implementation
• Program and Administrative support for the implementation of public program
• Urban and Rural Program Development
• Data Collection
• Permit Processing
o Cost Recovery Fees
• Contract Administration
o Vendor Development Agreements

Community Integration

• Educational presentations which keeps the community and business partners informed about the program and processes.
• Community Outreach Initiatives

With less than 1% of California’s cannabis growers being registered or licensed with the State’s legal licensing authority, it becomes critical that all municipalities managing or setting up a Cannabis program within its jurisdiction be ready and fully informed on the requirements of operating a State compliant program.

TWA offers comprehensive regulatory and operations solutions to help public agencies navigate the complexities of the evolving cannabis industry. TWA takes great pride in developing creative, forward-thinking growth strategies formulated to allow the client the flexibility to remain State compliant, maximize its revenue and afford the business community a commerce friendly operating environment.


TWA has developed a Cannabis Management Program with former professional government policy and experienced industry leaders with a proven track record of success and practical experience in this new and emerging field. We excel at developing solutions specifically tailored for the specific community needs and take a solution-orientated approach based on best practices.

Through the collaboration with policy makers, industry subject matter experts in conjunction with industry best practices, TWA provides cradle to grave services to ensure a compliant, regulated and economically beneficial program.