There’s a new team member roaming around Tierra West’s lush office in the Los Angeles Boyle Heights neighborhood…a red-shouldered hawk friend! Henry the Hawk, as he’s known by at our office, can be found patrolling the office’s garden – usually perched atop his favorite fountain in near the pond.

Red-shouldered hawks are commonly associated with riparian habitat, but in the Los Angeles area they are more associated with lush residential areas with large, old trees. This particular hawk has been spotted many times over the past few years, patrolling the large trees surrounding our unique space. Many times, he can be spotted perched atop this garden fountain (his favorite spot to hang out).

At Tierra West, we take great pride and enjoyment of creating a unique office space where you can always find a few animal friends greeting you. We look forward to you meeting them the next time you’re at the office!